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How Can We Lure you today?

Demo Reel Editing

Demo Reel Services are for editing together your existing footage only.  We do not put Actors on camera and create scenes for demo reels. 

Demo reel under two minutes in length
Demo reel between two and five minutes in length.


Demo reel over five mintues in length.




Demo reel under 2 minutes in length. Includes one free re-edit. $20 per additional re-edit. 

Demo reel between 2-5 minutes. Includes one free re-edit. $40 per additional re-edit.

Demo reel between  5-8 minutes. Includes four rounds of free re-editing. $50 per additional re-edit after. 



Demo reel between  8-15 minutes. Includes four rounds of free re-editing. $60 per additional re-edit.



One hour meeting to strategize the best way to show off your brand to casting directors, talent agents and managers. 

Clip Capture


Booked a job but can't get your footage? We can help. Our Clip Capture Service is here just for that. 


$40 per TV episode or film. This includes all of your scenes. Contact us for more details.  

Editing process and payment 

If you need a demo reel, please provide the order you want your scenes to go in. This applies to Clip Capture Services as well.


1st round of editing is made and sent back to the actor/manager/agent for approval. This version will be watermarked with "Fishbait Productions" across the top of the video.


2nd round of editing is made to the Demo Reel (or Clip Capture) and then sent back to the actor. This also has a watermark on it.


If additional rounds of editing needs to be made for any reason, charges will be applied.


Once all edits are finalized a payment request is sent to the actor. We accept ​PayPal, Venmo​ or we can email you a ​Quickbooks invoice​.


Once payment is received the Demo Reel or Clip is sent back with no watermark on it.

Ready to go fishing? Contact us when you decide the service that's best for you. 

Film Production

For production of films, music videos, web-series, product demonstration videos, weddings and more, please contact us.

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